Monday, August 24, 2009

Heather's square 18

And finally the last one that I've gotten done. This was real easy I really liked doing it.

Heather's square 17

I skipped ahead too. Getting tired of all these patterns that are so similar.
This was faster than I thought it would be. Plus it was a pattern I could do without carrying the book with me places. :)

Heather's square 13

Here is my square 13. I had to frog a couple times on this one but at least now I've learned how to frog back a few rows and save it. :)

Heather's square 12

Ok I need to catch up more photos on here than I thought.

This is my square 12. I didn't have much trouble with it after I read the instructions and figured out I did the square before it wrong and pearled on the even rows.
I think this pattern feels a little waffle like. LOL.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Laura's Square 21

I cast on one less set of four on this square. Other than that I did it as written. It was pretty easy to remember, especially as I already made it wrong once lol.

Laura's Square 15

I didnt like square 15 in the book so I set it aside while I puzzled over what to make. I started on LTK 21 and then made an error. On row 6 I slipped with yarn in back. Of course I didnt notice it until I was on row 6 in the next repeat. I looked at it and decided I liked what I saw so I was going to call this one square 15 and then make square 21 correctly.

It is too wide so I should have knocked off four stitches.