Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Donna's Square 30

This one wasn't too hard to do. It was pretty quick and easy.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Donna's Square 29

Here is square 29. This one went pretty quickly for me. I didn't end up needing the last repeat though. And the pattern was pretty easy once you got the hang of it.

Donna's Square 28

Here is square 28. This one wasn't too hard to do either. The twists aren't too bad once you get used to them.

Donna's Square 27

Here is square 27. I really like the look of this one. It's pretty neat.

Donna's Square 26

Here is number 26. I finished it some time ago. It wasn't that hard to do if I remember correctly.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Krystal's Square 42

I'm interested to see both how you're going to sew a zigzag seam into a square slot and how muich of the zigzag you see once you do so. Otherwise a great pattern to do because it's easy to remember. I'm not a big fan of ripples, but I imagine there are many varieties of a ripple that will use up scraps!

Krystal's Square 41

(Yes, I skipped 40 - I have a replacement to do, but it's not done yet)

I liked 41. easy to remember, easy to do, and would make a nice cloth, I think!

Krystal's Square 39

I like LTK 39 a lot. The seed stitch on the outside helps it lay nice and flat.

Krystal's Square 38

This one is quite neat. It really shows off how bold cables can be, while still being elegant. Not too hard to do.

Krystal's Square 37

I had nothing really against square 37 other than it looked similar to others, so I did this one instead. I thought the picture square was sort of neat. :D

Krystal's Square 36

I really like the outcome on this one. I can see it being a panel on an aran afghan and being gorgeous! It wasn't too hard to do, either.