Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Karen's Square 39

Second last cable square. This one I also like :)

Karen's Square 38

This one I like :) I thought it was fun to do!

Karen's Square 37

Another one complete. I don't quite like this one too much. It seems a bit untidy...

Karen's Square 36

This one was OK. Mine does not seem to show the detail as much as the picture inthe book does but it was fairly easy to make.

Karen's Square 35

I don't really like this square. Oh well it was good to learn the technique though...

Karen's Square 34

The second cable square. I started learning how to do cables without a cable needle and after a bit of practice it makes things much quicker for me!! If you haven't tried it yet check for instructions online!

Karen's Square 33

I am finally getting around to posting some squares I have completed... As with most of my squares there is a boo boo here... Every square has some character :)