Monday, January 12, 2009

Laura's Square 1

Here is my square number 1. It is not square, doesn't have the right number of rows but the width and height were close to matching in the middles so I decided to end at that point. I may remake this one if my knitting improves by the end of the ghan. I struggled with it being too tight in the beginning making it difficult to knit. I changed to looser tension, but it is not very even. Obviously my colors are not brights, instead they are navy and white red heart super saver. They did not photograph well in the not natural light, but I couldn't wait to photograph it lol. I keep telling myself I probably stunk at crocheting when I first started too!


Aussie said...

Laura you did a great job on it. Well done, your tension will get better as you go along.

Krochet Krystal said...

I think it looks great! Besides we all know how well joining squares makes them behave... consider it bondage for fiber! LOL!

Gardener said...

I think you did a great job!