Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Krystal's yarn and layout options

I finally have taken a picture of the yarn choices I have:
Bernat Super Value in Navy Blue
TLC Essentials in country blue
RHSS in Buff
TLC Essentials in Aran

I'm not sure about the buff... should I do four colors with it, or do three colors with just the other options? I'm not sure how easily I can obtain the buff- I haven't seen it around here in a while.

Also, my book has arrived!!!! I went through all of the squares, and for layout purposes, I figured this out:

There are exactly 32 bi-colored squares, 8 each of the D1-L1 D1-L2 D2-L1 D2-L2 (D=Dark, L=Light). There are 15 squares of one light, and 16 of the other. If you're doing diagonal rows, that means that the bicolored squares have to be on each outside corner.

I'm playing around in PSP now to see what I like for layout options, if I want to include the buff or not.

Now that I've played around a little, I'm thinking I like it better with the buff in there. The dark navy squares are the bicolored when it's only three colors. The dark navy and the light blue are the bicolored squares when there are four colors. What do you think?

OK, I've finally decided on four colors. I've examined my yarn carefully and I think there will be enough contrast between the country blue and the buff. I've also narrowed it down to one of the first two options, plus a third new one for my layout.


Sherri said...

I like the last one on the bottom row. If you were going to go with 4 colors, I think you'd like linen better than buff.

Aussie said...

I quite like it with the buff now that I have seen the graphs. I like the second and third one.

Gracey said...

I like the last one in the bottom row and the ATW....This is Tammy BTW

Gardener said...

When I saw your yarn, I didn't know if I'd like it with the buff, but now that I see your graphs, I really like the combination. I like both the ATW and the one on the right in the top row.

Slicer said...

Ok, I'm the oddball. I love the color choices, including the buff. I do not, however, like the bottom right graph. There's just something about it, but if that's what you chose, I'm sure it will look great!