Saturday, January 31, 2009

Krystal's Square 3

Aaaaah, another week has come and gone, and here we are eagerly waiting to start our 3rd square. Well, some of us just couldn't wait so we not only started our square, we finished it. It's our first solid square, basketweave pattern. I happened to like this pattern very much. It's the right size, too!

This one is in Red Heart Super Saver in Buff.

I may have to remake it, as the buff that I just bought for the rest of the squares are not close to the same dye lot. I'll see how it goes when I get to the end and lay them all out. It may not matter.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Laura's Square 2

Here is my square two, not very square, very curly, and not the same size as square 1. Colors are navy and white. Took far less time to make as I realized I was knitting wrong and it was a much lengthier way to knit. Tension is not as uneven as I expected however.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Karen's square #2

Here is my second square - note it is not square nor is it the right size... It measures 9 1/2 wide by 9 tall. I might have to make this one over. So should I make a new one now and knock off two rows of stripes and five stitches (which would put me at 8 1/2 square) or should I wait and make another one once I settle into an even tension (my purls are looser than my knits) or should I just let it be and have one (and hopefully only one) square that is a bit too big?? Decisions...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cindy's Square 2

Here is my second square. It looks a little lopsided, but it really is square. I had to pin it to the carpet to get a picture of it. It is brown and off white, same as my first attempt at square 1.

Jeannie's Layout

Jeannie's layouts

I did the one on the left first. The second in case you want more of a contrast between the buff and aran diamonds. (by sherri)

Key for the chart on the left:
From the center square outward, the colors are, warm brown/coffee, buff/warm brown, buff, aran, aran/warm brown (or combo of your choosing), buff, warm brown/coffee, and buff/warm brown.

Donna's square 2

Here is my stockinette square. I used the same light blue as the first square but with brown. In person the light blues look a bit different in the squares but they are the exact same. This turned out to be the exact same size as the first one as well.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Shelby's square #1

I am using stash to make this afghan so the combinations are going to get interesting.

Shelby's square #2
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Monday, January 26, 2009

Tracy's square 2

I finished S2. It is the same size as S1, which is surprising for me.

Wendy's #2 Striped Stockinette

Here is my number 2 square, I hated how it kept curling up that was so annoying.

Pauline's square #2

I have chosen to use my own colour scheme instead of the choice in the book. This has bone/beige colour and the heritage red again.
On to square #3.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sherri's #2 Striped Stockinette

#2 Striped Stockinette Stitch

I've had this done for months and months and months. I remember that I didn't like doing it. Why? I wanted to hurry up and get to square #3.

Krystal's Square #2

There are still 5 of us that are in the process of finishing their first square and posting a picture of it up to the blog, but we are hoping they can catch up soon!

In the meantime, the rest of us started Square#2 and here is mine. The colors here are the RHSS Buff and the TLC Essentials in Country Blue. I was sneaky and pinned the square to my rug to get it to lie flat for the photo! This one really does want to curl!

It's 81/2" square, about the same size as my first one. I have to be careful doing a couple rows at a time as my gauge changes a bit at each sitting. I need to work on a consistent gauge.

Pauline - Finished my Square #1

I have finally finished my first square. Colours are cream and heritage red. Off to start on square #2

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Donna's square 1

Here is Square 1. I just used a medium shade of blue and a light one. I think it came out pretty good. I can tell where it's not even in a few spots. But it was my first attempt with such small needles and doing color changes.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Krystal's New Square #1

I decided that I didn't like how dark the navy was in the contrast square, so I went to a lighter color of Windsor by RHSS. I like it much better now!

Tracy's square 1

Finally got my book yesterday and made the first square. I used 4mm knitting needles and it is almost a perfect 8 1/2 x 8 1/2 square.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Karen's Square #1

Here is my completed square number one. It took me quite awhile to do but the sizing came out nicely. It is just over 8 1/2 inches square using 4mm needles.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tracy's colours

I finally got a picture of the yarn I am going to use for the LTKA. I am shopping from stash, so hopefully these will look alright together. Still waiting for my book, can't wait to start.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Erin: Just a note

Added a 3rd color to my choices....simple tan. I'm trying to keep it as neutral as possible. Not like me at all but its ok. It will be a change. I'm still waiting on my book. Should be here tomorrow if Amazon doesn't change it AGAIN! I was perusing Ravelry and there are a TON of projects on there if any of you need some inspiration. It gave me renewed interest and motivation to knit the heck out of this ghan!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Karen's colors

Here are the colors I am using for my LTK project: Caron pounders in white, sky blue, royalty and midnight blue. I'll be casting on fairly soon (once my niece's ATW is complete)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pauline: These are my colours

I'm using the cream for most of the plain blocks and the other colours will be for the multicoloured squares. Then the black will be the borders. At least I think that is how it will be. I'm going to use the diagonal layout. Plain squares in one row and muti in the others.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Laura's Square 1

Here is my square number 1. It is not square, doesn't have the right number of rows but the width and height were close to matching in the middles so I decided to end at that point. I may remake this one if my knitting improves by the end of the ghan. I struggled with it being too tight in the beginning making it difficult to knit. I changed to looser tension, but it is not very even. Obviously my colors are not brights, instead they are navy and white red heart super saver. They did not photograph well in the not natural light, but I couldn't wait to photograph it lol. I keep telling myself I probably stunk at crocheting when I first started too!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Wendy's Square 1

Howdy, here is my Square 1 using white and medium blue.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cindy's Square 1

Here it is, finally finished. It definitely looks like a first attempt, (and it is!) Notice he uneven tension. I think I probably wrapped the yarn around he needle in the wrong direction a few times too. Hopefully I'll get better with practice. Colors are dark brown and off white.

Cindy's Yarn

This is the yarn I plan to use for the afghan. It is Caron pounder in off white, and Bernat Berella in sage and dark brown. I have tried to come up with a fourth color to use for borders, but nothing really seems to click for me. At the moment I plan to use the Sage as both a dark and a light color. I plan to make all the solid color squares in either sage or off white, and do the borders in dark brown. I have plenty of yarn so I can change my mind later.

Erin: My afghan will be entitled: "Wendy made me do it! " :o)

So I have so lovingly been sucked into this project! My book will arrive on the 14th from Amazon and I have picked out my colors from my stash! Here's a sneak peak!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Krystal's Square #1

I had to drop down to size 5 needles (instead of 6), and my square is now 8.5" square. I'm pretty amazed that it is actually square! LOL. The colors are navy and aran, even though the picture makes is look like black.

Sherri's #1 Striped Garter Stitch Square

#1 Striped Garter Stitch

This is probably the most exciting square in the whole book. Why? Because it is the first of something new. New book. New project. New skill. And it is striped. That makes it fun. The thing to remember about this simple stitch square is that garter stitch is wider than it is tall. This square is also the model for blocking all of your other squares. After completing this square you will have learned casting on, knit stitch, and binding off.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Donna's color choices

Here is my colors for my ghan. Not really sure how I'm going to arrange them. I was thinking of just doing the diagonal but you guys have some awesome graphs going. I also don't quite know how I'm going to do the color combos. I'm going to try to just use what I have to do this. I might have to go buy some yarn for the border but I'm hoping that's all I will have to get.

If anyone has any ideas of color combos for the squares I'm definitely open to ideas. I'm also open to any ideas on laying them out. As of now I was planning on playing it all by ear.

I'm going to go get my book tomorrow morning. I can't wait to get it. I'm so excited to start this project with you all.

Sherri's Yarn and Layout

I got a bit of a head start on the rest of you, but I still have lots to do. I opted for an Around the World Layout and spent a few days charting the bi-colored squares. Some are larger (those will be the pinks) and some are smaller (those will be the yellows) and all the lace and cable squares will be green.


LTK yarn selection

Wendy: Here is a picture of my yarn

Im using Carnival yarn 8 ply and Double knitting yarn and have 4 colours, white/light blue/med blue/dust blue and navy for the borders. Im looking forward to making this one and its for myself. Now just need the book to hurry up and get here. Is everyone going to do the border on the squares or leave it out. I have seen the ghan with and without and it looks great both ways.

Krystal I like your colours but not sure on the buff either but then if you look on the cover dont they have similiar colours. Hmm Im not much help am I. If it was me I wouldnt put the buff in.

Laura I like the first 2 graphs the best. If Iwas to pick between the two it would be the second one. Its going to look great in the brights colours.

Krystal's yarn and layout options

I finally have taken a picture of the yarn choices I have:
Bernat Super Value in Navy Blue
TLC Essentials in country blue
RHSS in Buff
TLC Essentials in Aran

I'm not sure about the buff... should I do four colors with it, or do three colors with just the other options? I'm not sure how easily I can obtain the buff- I haven't seen it around here in a while.

Also, my book has arrived!!!! I went through all of the squares, and for layout purposes, I figured this out:

There are exactly 32 bi-colored squares, 8 each of the D1-L1 D1-L2 D2-L1 D2-L2 (D=Dark, L=Light). There are 15 squares of one light, and 16 of the other. If you're doing diagonal rows, that means that the bicolored squares have to be on each outside corner.

I'm playing around in PSP now to see what I like for layout options, if I want to include the buff or not.

Now that I've played around a little, I'm thinking I like it better with the buff in there. The dark navy squares are the bicolored when it's only three colors. The dark navy and the light blue are the bicolored squares when there are four colors. What do you think?

OK, I've finally decided on four colors. I've examined my yarn carefully and I think there will be enough contrast between the country blue and the buff. I've also narrowed it down to one of the first two options, plus a third new one for my layout.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Laura's Layout and Yarn

I deleted the original post with bright colors. Now I am using navy, white, and periwinkle. Navy and white will be for the bicolor squares and periwinkle will be the solids.

Here is the layout basically
Here is the yarn colors.


This is the beginning of our group adventure doing Barbara G. Walker's Learn to Knit afghan. There are 63 blocks, and by the time we are done we'll all have beautiful afghans and a great new knowledge of all of these knit patterns!

Some of us are waiting for our books, needles and patterns. We'll post here as we get our gear together, then we're off and knitting square #1!